Quotes & Bids

An accurate and reliable quote or bid lays the groundwork for any job, large or small and is of paramount importance.  A properly quoted job is essential to achieving a finished product that exceeds the client expectations.  It ensures the budget will be there to complete a project with the highest quality labor and materials.

Quoting a job well takes a great deal of skill and experience.  It’s a talent that requires years of practice to finely tune, and even with practice it is not a job just anyone can do well.  Doug Tretter has the right experience and knowledge, but also has a passion for his work that drives him to treat each project as a “VIP”,  Very Important Project.   The work must always be top quality and the client must always be satisfied.

Tretter Tile will gather the  information about your project to determine what you, the client, want and need.  They will visit your site and take pictures if necessary, discuss materials and time-lines and provide you with an accurate quote or bid to complete your project in the way it should be done.

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